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The Vassal Academy Ch. 10 page 4

"Thank you Mistress." Geneva said with her face glistening from Mistress's juices.

"Now slave, you may use the rocker. The handle in front is for more powerful thrusts. You may now come without permission, and if you even try and sneak one past me I'll guarantee you never see the arousal table."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." Geneva said almost leaping to her feet anxious to try the rocker out.

She positioned herself, and her cunt was wet enough for the vibrator to enter her easily. It did and she moaned her pleasure. She began to rock back and forth slowly, getting used to the rhythm and the way the thing worked. She found if she shoved her hips forward, the vibrator was shoved deeply into her, and more slowly, it slid gently into her.

Rebecca watched this for a moment and said. "I think you're missing something. Wait, I have something to help you slave." Then she stood and went to her dresser and found a gold chain and nodding turned with a wicked grin on her face. "I think you should wear these."

These were a set of Japanese clover nipple clamps. Geneva stopped moving and Rebecca set first one and then the other on Geneva's B cup nipples. Geneva sucked in air as the clamps grabbed and pinched her nipples. A tear formed in her eye as she got accustomed to the pain. They hurt worse than the clothespins she used to use, and the chain pulled the nipples painfully down.

"Continue slave, put on a show for me." Rebecca said.

"Yes Mistress." Geneva said and started to rock. As she did, the chain swung and her nipples were painfully tugged. Geneva gasped in pain, and then the pain became an electric pleasure dancing along her sex. She moaned next and continued rocking.

She wasn't going to last long. Rebecca reached down and flipped the switch for the vibrator activating it. Geneva jumped in surprise and then ground down harder on the vibrator as it slid into her.

"Mistress, I'm going to come soon." Geneva breathed.

"No you're not. Not without my permission. I'll flog you all night long."

"Mistress, please give me permission to come." Geneva begged. The nipple pain and pleasure were mixing. The vibrator was setting her cunt on fire.

"Slave, you may not come yet. In fact, don't ask me, I'll tell you when to come." Rebecca said as she walked behind Geneva and using her knee shoved the girl and the seat further forward, the vibrator burying itself to the hilt in her sopping wet pussy.

Geneva was twitching and trying to hold out struggling to obey Mistress. Finally Mistress Rebecca shoved her forward again and said. "Come for me slave, come for me now."

Geneva did, and she bucked on the vibrator which was impaled in her as Rebecca shoved her as far forward as the seat went. Rebecca held her there, making sure the Orgasm was a good one, a new trainee would be taking up about all the spare time in the morning.

Geneva caught her breath and looked up lovingly at Mistress Rebecca. "Thank you Mistress. That was wonderful."

"Good slave, now clean that vibrator, make it perfectly clean you little slut." Rebecca chided. "Then you may remove your nipple clamps, and lay quietly on the floor beside my bed like the little slave you are."

"Yes Mistress." Geneva said and lifted herself off of the Vibrator. She turned and knelt down facing the chair, and pulled it as far forward as it could go. She began to lick and suck on the vibrator cleaning it with her mouth. She finished and knelt before Mistress, and then lifted her hands and removed the nipple clamps and held them out to Mistress Rebecca.

"You do that well Slave, I'll have to mention it to the Masters, I'm sure they'd like to train your horny little ass sometime. Wouldn't you like that, all the masters, and probably a few strangers lining up to take turns fucking that hungry little cunt of yours?"

"Oh yes Mistress, if it pleases you, I'd love to do it." Geneva said her eyes sparkling.

"We may have to look into that, but you're not ready for that yet slave, much training to go first. You're going to have to work for that reward you slut." Rebecca said as she tossed the clamps casually onto the dresser. "Now here's a blanket to lie on, like a little doggie, and you lie there and don't you dare wake me slave."

"Yes Mistress, I'll be quiet." Geneva promised as Rebecca lay on her bed and covered up. Geneva lay on the blanket and felt totally humiliated, and somehow loved.

The last thing Rebecca said before she turned the light out was a bit of information for the future. "That rocker has an attachment to fuck your asshole at the same time. I think I'll get it out for you when you're in training for that. Two huge dildo's plowing into you would probably make you so happy slut."

Geneva smiled hugely. God that would be so great, a real show for Mistress. "Yes Mistress. Thank you so much Mistress."

Geneva shuffled in her sleep and tossed and turned. Rebecca let her get away with it for a while, finally turning the light on. "Slave, you've woken me. I won't stand for that."

Geneva looked around confused at the sudden light and the harsh words. "Mistress?"

"Punishment position slave. You've been tossing and turning like a Jumping bean." Rebecca raged as she got out of bed reaching for a long riding crop.

Geneva jumped to her feet and put her hands behind her head. She stood as Rebecca gave her more than thirty lashes leaving stinging pink welts up and down her body. Now that she was in phase two, they were permitted more painful punishments.

Geneva knelt and thanked Mistress for punishing her, and then was sent from the room. "Go sleep in your own room slave. You're not coming back here until you pass sleep training. Keeping me up all night. Pathetic Slave."

Geneva gathered up her corset and collar and left with tears of shame, pain, and sorrow running down her face. She had upset Mistress, and that was not a good thing. She had to learn how to sleep quietly, and she suspected that the next night would be the start of that lesson.

Rebecca smiled as she closed the door. Geneva was coming around, she wasn't humiliated, she was sorry she had displeased Mistress. Yes, her view of Slavery was certainly changing.

Ann was in her own room, nude in her bed, her pussy sore from all the activity.

Andre was asleep in his room, satisfied for now, having fucked Ann to several orgasms.

Diane lay next to Thomas, and shifted only once in her sleep, to snuggle a little closer to him.

The morning would come when it did, and Geneva knew she'd need every minute of sleep she could manage. She lay down in her own bed, and plugged her watch into the charger. She closed her eyes and felt the sting from the riding crop burning her ass and thighs. She had to try harder and please the Master's and Mistress's. She had to learn the skills they wanted her to use.

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